SFF Premiership

The Premiership League is made up of twelve (11) clubs and is national in character, currently with seven (7) clubs in the main island of Mahe and three (3) clubs from Praslin and two (2) from La Digue which play against each other on home and away basis during the football season. The (7) teams from Mahe Island are listed as follows;
  • St Michel FC
  • St Louis FC
  • Northern Dynamo FC
  • Red Star Defense Forces FC
  • Foresters FC
  • Bosco
  • Real Maldive
Total of Five (5) teams from Inner Islands i.e Praslin and La digue, are in the Premier League
  • La Passe FC
  • Cote D’or FC
  • Light Stars FC
  • Revengers FC
  • Anse Reunion FC
Current League Champions – Foresters FC

Championship 1

Championship 1 Division comprises Twelve (12) clubs all of which are located on Mahe. The Champion 1 teams are as follows:
  • Ptl Bazar Brothers FC
  • Rovers FC
  • Glacis FC
  • Tigers FC
  • Anse Royale FC
  • Mont Fleuri FC
  • Perseverance FC
  • Beau Vallon FC
  • Marine Maintenance FC
  • Lions LMS FC
  • Bel Air FC
  • Mont Buxton Veteran FC
Real Maldives captain Terry Crea receives the Championship One league title from SFF president Elvis Chetty

Presidents Cup

Foresters and Cote d’Or Clash in the 2020 Presidents Cup
Foresters and Cote d’Or Clash in the 2020 Presidents Cup
Presidents Cup Winners photo with President of the Republic, VP and President of the SFF and Exco Members.


Foresters Face Cote d’Or in the SFF Cup Final 2020
Double champions Foresters FC triumphant 4-2 win over Cote d’Or
Forester Captain Tigana, accepts the SFF Cup from the SFF CEO, Mr. Georges Bibi

Airtel Cup

St Michel captain Nibourette (left) and coach Moustache in pre-match interview
St Louis Coach Renaud (left) and Captain Esther in pre-match interview
Laurence scores the winner for St Michel
Captain Nibourette receives the cup from Messrs Dina and Chetty


Mt Fleuri Rovers win the SFF Womens League 2020
The clubs registered for the 2020 Season:
  • Rovers
  • Marine maintenance
  • United Sisters
  • Mont Fleuri (Secondary School)
  • Point Larue (Secondary School)
  • Anse Royale (Secondary School)

Beach Soccer

The following are the (9) clubs which are registered for the 2020 season:
  • One Stone BS FC
  • Sorry BS FC
  • Real Maldives BS FC
  • Sunrise BS FC
  • Beach Boyz FC
  • Equator BS FC
  • Club Stormy BS FC
  • Vision BS FC
One Stone defeated MLUH 5-2 to claim the Seychelles Football Federation (SFF) Cup
Captain Balde accepts the Beach Soccer SFF Cup Trophy from Mr. Damien Jean


Inner Island