Elvis Chetty
Dolor Ernesta
Vice President
Jonathan Paul
Robert Payet
Ordinary Member
Lewis Madeleine
Ordinary Member
Philip Sinon
Ordinary Member
Jason Damoo
Ordinary Member
Sheila Mohideen
Ordinary Member
Ralph Jean-Louis
Ordinary Member
Georges Bibi
Ulric Mathiot
Technical Director
Manori Fernando
Head of Finance
Clive Delorie
Director of Competition & Club Licensing
Gene Fanny
Administration Manager Cum HR Officer
Yanick Eugenie
Project & Compliance Coordinator
Louis Nourrice
Competition Coordinator
Gavin Jeanne
Education & Grassroots Officer
Kerin Moses
Administrative Liaison & Purchasing Officer
Glennys Elegante
Account Assistant
Steve Marie
Referee Coordinator
Damien Jean
Beach Soccer Desk Officer
Ralph Rose
Infrastructure & Logistic Coordinator
Jim Louis
Desk Officer for Youth Football Development
Paule Belle
Receptionist / Competition Assistant
Ronny Confiance
Driver / Purchasing Assistant
Guyra Boniface
Desk Officer for Women Football
Lucia Armand
Senior Housekeeper
Nadia Landry