To be a United Football Family which promote excellence in Our Game.

Football will be regarded as the sport that provides genuine access and value to quality experiences which inspire Seychellois (e).  By enabling every citizens of Seychelles to participate in our game, to allow all involved in the game to reach their full potential, whatever level that might be, and to inspire the nation through international success at the highest level.

    • Our National Team succeeds at every level
    • The quality  of Our Game is commercially viable
    • Our Game ethics and tradition are maintained
    • Our Game is growing at every level


  • To provide opportunities for all people irrespective of ability, to play football and to provide support to those with potential to achieve professional international success.
  • To achieve significant growth in registered members and improve the members’ football experience.


To organise, regulate, develop promote and deliver the best possible football experiences and opportunities to our football family in Seychelles.

  • Grow the game and raise quality and performance standards
  • Enhance lives by leading innovative development of competitive and recreational football in Seychelles together with all our stakeholders and partners



We will work together to deliver a shared vision and purpose for the growth and health of Our Game. We will encourage and nurture passion in players, supporters and administrators so that it impacts the game and all involved in a positive manner.

We will ensure that the affairs of the SFF will be unconditionally embedded in honesty and fairness. We will treat others the way we expect to be treated.


We will engage and communicate transparently with our football family and listen with open-mindedness.


We will strive for service and business excellence off the field and inspire results on the field for all Seychelles Teams, support personnel and all football loving enthusiasts. We will be accountable for our actions.


We will earn respect through becoming a positive and powerful force capable of delivering quality sports and social outcomes within the broader community, We will be proud of the organisation we belong to and bring charisma and enthusiasm in pursuit of our vision for football.



We will promote a culture of teamwork at all levels of the Federation. This will be seen by clear leadership, a spirit of consensus and unity.  We will embrace teamwork through mutual support, collaboration, encouragement, accountability, and by sharing knowledge to  achieve greater results.